Busy Saturday

Hey Everyone : )

How’s the weekend where you are?  Here we got a layer of ice Friday night.. booo, and had places to be Saturday so that was no fun(I had my husband drive me everywhere as I hate ice…lol).  But, the good news is the ice is already melting.  It was down in the low 20s last night with it possibly getting up to 50 today.  Is anybody else having crazy weather where they live?  They are calling for severe storms for us tonight and possibly tornados!?!  This winter really has had some crazy weather for us.

You probably won’t see me make too many posts on Saturday’s as that is normally the one day I try to take a break from the computer and spend with family.

One of the places we had to be yesterday was at our older son’s basketball game.  I took some pictures while we were there yesterday. I am going to try to get them loaded on the computer later today and maybe they will make my photo post for today.  I just love taking photos at the kids games.  I’m sure when they are older they will really appreciate my efforts too!

Hope you all are having a great Sunday!



Nomorerack- just missed insanity deal = (

 Remember a few days ago I let y’all know about this site – nomorerack- that does insanity deals randomly.  Well I just checked and missed one.  BOOO.  Just to tell you how good the deal was…. It was for a Nikon COOLPIX S4100 14 MP camera… do you know what it sold for????  $6.82… crazy right!

So if you want to try to get some of these great deals yourself… go here ( http://www.nomorerack.com/?cr=1592760 )and sign up.  Sign-up is free.

If you would like to read my other post about this site go here ( https://michellesmutterings.wordpress.com/2012/01/14/nomorerack/) and check it out.




Nomorerack is an interesting site I watch.  This site has 8 deals a day and 1 charity deal.  Everything is priced super inexpensive.  Their deals start at 12 p.m. every day.

The thing I really like about this site is their insanity deals they do.  They have crazy deals pop up at random times at really deeply discounted prices if you can be fast enough to snag it.  The picture below is just an example of one of the deals you can snag.  You’ll know its an insanity deal because it is outlined in purple and it says insanity deals in the top left corner.

See… an Ipad2 for $43.20.. Crazy right?!  They also do Nikon cameras, PS3, iPod touch, 60 inch tvs, kindles and more.  Like I said though they just randomly pop up so keep your eye on this site.  If you think it is too good to be true (sounds like it right?), they have an album on their facebook page of winners and their INSANITY deals.  Seeing is believing, as the saying goes.

So I have included a link below through which you can sign up (it’s FREE! to sign up).  I would really appreciate if you sign up if you could go through my link because it will show that I referred you = )


Thanks so much everyone!


Hello world!

Yes,  Hello World!

This is the beginning of my blogging journey.  I finally took the plunge and decided to start a blog with “mutterings” of my interests and other ramblings.  I hope you’ll follow along on my journey and stay tuned for all the posts to come.

I hope to post about saving money, freebies, survey sites I use to make a little extra income with, along with other sites that allow you to try products for your opinion, photography, free books I find on Amazon for those who love to read like I do and possibly cool things I find on pinterest and who knows what else!  = )

Stay tuned for what comes next and feel free to leave comments and suggestions for me!