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*hurry* Swagbucks Code to enter by 3 EDT

Hey all,

If any of you signed up with swagbucks we have a new code out to enter.  Used to swagbucks didn’t allow you to share codes but now they do so we can share with everyone.  If you go to the swagbucks homepage under the safe icon (by your points on the top right) you can enter 5BuxOnMonday for 5 swagbucks.  Be sure to enter it exactly as “5BuxOnMonday” (no quotations) for it to work as swagcodes are case-sensitive.  This code was from their facebook page and ends at 3 EDT, so just about 10 more minutes to get your points.  Be sure to share it with your friends if you got them signed up on swagbucks too!

If you haven’t joined and would like to you can go here to get signed up.

If you want to learn more about swagbucks here is an earlier post I wrote about it.

Right now I use swagbucks to earn cash.  You just need 2500 swagbucks to earn $25 paypal cash.  If you like amazon you only need 495 points for a $5 Amazon gift code!  There are many, many other ways to get paid as well.  Check it out, get signed up and use the code for free swagbucks!  Let me know if you got it and what items you like to cash out for!