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Free sample Restorative Eye Complex

Here is a free sample of Restorative Eye Complex.  If this sounds like something you would like to try follow the link and sign up. (phone number is optional)  It does stated Continental US only (no international orders).  Allow 6-8 weeks processing.




Free sample of Cepacol Sensations throat lozenges

Right now you can get a free sample of Cepacol Sensations.  Being winter and sickness going around this would be a great freebie to pick up and try.  Click on the link below and get signed up for this one!  Samples will arrive in 4-6 weeks.



Free Tide Pods sample – Facebook

Dollar General is giving away free samples of Tide Pods on their Facebook page today.  Click the link below and fill out the form to get yours.



Freebie – TRESemme Split-End Remedy

Here’s another freebie from Wal-Mart.  This one is for TRESemme Split-End Remedy.  I cannot wait to try this one!  I hope it comes soon.  Go to this link and get yours too! = )  You will watch a short video and then fill out the form to get your sample!



Lipton Tea Facebook Freebie

Hey everyone!  Here is a freebie from Lipton Tea.  You can get a free sample of their Tea & Honey.  It is a new low-calorie ice tea mix with only 5 calories per serving.  Check out this link and get yours!  Be sure to like Lipton on Facebook!


Garnier Ultra-Lift Free Sample

Want to try Ultra-Lift from Garnier?  Well here is your chance.  On Facebook you can request a free sample.  Just go to the Facebook page for Garnier USA  and go to the Ultra-Lift page then select the Get a Sample button and fill in your info.  I included a link below as well.  Sample should arrive in 4 to 6 weeks.


Edit:  I have also recently found that this sample is also on the website as a freebie too!  Just select to get a free sample and fill out the form.  Should arrive in four weeks.  Link for Walmart below.


Smiley 360 – Woolite Complete Review

I wanted to let you all know about some websites I am a member of that allow you to get full-sized products free just for trying them and letting everyone know your honest opinion about the products.  I use a few different sites, but for this review I received the product from Smiley 360 (—Be Heard. Be Happy. ).  So far this is the second product I have been lucky enough to be in a mission for.  Smiley will send you surveys to see if you qualify for missions and then if you do, they will send you products to try, free of charge, just for sharing your opinion.  It is free to join too!

For this particular mission I was sent a 50 oz. bottle of Woolite Complete and 10 $2 off coupons I was able to share with my family and friends.  Below is the picture of what I received in my package.


Woolite is a good product.  When I first opened the bottle, I thought it smelled great.  Very nice fragrance to it.  The soap seems to work well cleaning our clothes.  Woolite Complete is supposed to deliver the right balance of cleaning and caring for your clothes.  It doesn’t contain harsh ingredients, so it isn’t supposed to cause shrinking, stretching or fading.  To really test this I think you would really have to do this over a long period of time and probably try it on new articles of clothing which I haven’t done (because I haven’t had it too long yet).

One thing I don’t like for my family, which has nothing to do with the quality of the product, is the price.  If you have a tight budget then it is difficult to buy Woolite because it is a higher-priced detergent.  It is a product I might pick up when it is on a really good sale and combine that with some coupons to get it really cheap, but I don’t think it is a product I could buy regularly because of the price.

If you would like to try Woolite Complete for yourself, they do have a $2 off coupon on Facebook.  Like their Facebook page, share the video and get a coupon! ( ) .  You can also find out more about their product as well.

It is also on special right now through Amazon if anyone orders from them.  ( )

So feel free to check out the links and see if Woolite Complete is right for you!  Also the first link will take you to Smiley 360 if you want to join them and try to get missions for yourself as well!




(All products and coupons were free samples from Smiley360)