Photos: Spring Mill State Park

Hi all!  It’s been quite a while since I’ve made a post and I’m sorry about that.  I have been so busy with my job… my blog has taken a backseat.  I am happy that my work has picked up though!  = )  I did get an opportunity to take some time and go to this wonderful state park I love.  There are caves (unfortunately all but one closed to public due to white-nose syndrome for bats), lots of natural areas and trails to walk and see, campground, picnic areas, nature center and a pioneer village with an operating grist mill that makes corn meal every hour.  I grew up going here and still love it today and so do my kids.  Here are some photos I took recently while I was there.  (there may be more than one post of these photos as I took some of the village and some of wildlife).

Grist Mill ©MichelleK 2012

In this photo below you can see the flumes that bring water to the wheel of the mill and in the right portion is a little bit of the saw mill.  The water comes from a cave back in the woods behind here.  It feeds the mill and also forms a creek that runs through the village.


Flumes and saw mill ©Michelle K 2012

Apothecary and Mercantile ©Michelle K 2012

Blacksmith Shop ©Michelle K 2012

Gardeners Cabin ©Michelle K. 2012


Meeting House ©Michelle K. 2012

This is not even all of the buildings you can see at this village.  These are open during the day (9 to 5 EST) with interpreters dressed to period telling you about each house and the family who would have lived there.  Here is a link to the Parks website..

They also have an Inn that you can stay at on your visit if you like…






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