Crowdtap & Old Navy – Swimwear Sample Review

Today I wanted to share with you another great opportunity I received from Crowdtap and Old Navy.

Just a reminder about what Crowdtap is.  It is a great website that promotes word of mouth advertising and gives brands a chance to hear exactly what consumers want.  You can participate in different missions, do what they call as quick hits, where you answer questions about brands which help you get into the missions and also actions where you can be accepted in to discussions for different brands and give your opinions.  It is a great website and if you would like to join after reading my review to try to get into missions like this, this is a link you can use to sign up.  It is free to join.

Now that you know what Crowdtap is, here is my sample share opportunity this time.  It was an Old Navy sample share for a free swimwear item.  I was sent one coupon for me and one coupon for a friend to get free swimwear at Old Navy.  We were able to get any style we liked; one piece, bikini, monokini, tankini.  Any of them were free with this coupon.

We went through the week again and I think that really is the best time to go.  The store had some shoppers but not an overwhelming amount.  There were plenty of dressing rooms available so we had no problem getting in to try on the swimsuits we liked.  There was a fairly good variety of almost all styles.  They did have one style that I was interested in that didn’t have my size, so that was disappointing.  My sister had no problem finding her size in the tankini she was interested in.  I ended up trying on some one piece suits as I already have lots of bikinis, a monokini and a tankini at home.  I like to have a variety.  I was pretty happy with all the suits I tried on.  I opted for a one piece gray control max suit.  I chose it because I liked the way it fit plus I liked the style.  My sister really liked the tankini she tried on as well.  We took our coupons to the register with our selections and had no problem using them to get the free suits.  The cashier was very impressed with the coupons and wondered where I got them, so of course I told her about Crowdtap.  I was able to get about a $40 product free!  We really appreciate Crowdtap and Old Navy offering this opportunity.

Old Navy has some really cute suits, so if you are in the market for a new one… go check them out. ( )  Also, if you want to be part of programs like this join up on Crowdtap.       ( )

~ Michelle


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