Crowdtap & Old Navy – Bottom Bonanza Review

Today I wanted to share with you a great opportunity I was presented with by Crowdtap and Old Navy.

First, Crowdtap is a great website that promotes word of mouth advertising and gives brands a chance to hear exactly what consumers want.  You can participate in different missions, do what they call quick hits, where you answer questions about brands which help you get into the missions and also actions where you can be accepted in to discussions for different brands and give your opinions.  It is a great website and if you would like to join after reading my review to try and get into missions like this, this is a link you can use to sign up.  It is free to join.

Now that you know what Crowdtap is, here is what I was offered to do through them.  It was an Old Navy in-store party called the Bottom Bonanza Event.  It was a great opportunity for a few of my friends and I to go in and try on some new clothes and shoes.  I received my packet with instructions and they also sent coupons for 3 friends and I to get a pair of bottoms and a pair of shoes for free.  It was such a great value and my friends were super excited to try things on and to get some free swag while we were at it.

We went to the store through the week and it was not busy at all.  We had no trouble finding different things to try on.  The store was very friendly and we were able to take some pictures trying on our items.    Everyone had a good time, but the only thing was one friend had a little trouble finding bottoms to fit but we did end up finding her something too.  It was a great party and we had no trouble using our coupons for the free items in-store either.  I was able to get about $48 of product free!  Everyone really appreciated Crowdtap and Old Navy offering this opportunity.

If you want to be part of programs like this join up on Crowdtap.       ( )

~ Michelle


One response

  1. Love FREE stuff…lol. Will sure check this one out. Thanks

    April 25, 2012 at 2:49 pm

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