*UPDATE* on Free T-Shirts from Stealth Machines

Here’s an update to my earlier post about the free T-Shirts from Stealth Machines.  Since they had an unexpected turn out of voters they were not prepared for the response with that many shirts.  Here is a post they updated their Facebook wall with…..

To clarify, not everyone is getting a free shirt. Yesterday we had 160 likes and today we have over 8,000. We could not have anticipated the turnout that you all have given, and I appreciate all of you helping us pick out a new t-shirt! 

Over the course of the next few days, we will be randomly selecting a limited number of winners. This is the only fair way to give as many people as possible a free shirt. In addition to the randomly awarded shirts, we will be giving out t-shirts to the first 100 people who post a creative StealthMachines photo. If you want a guaranteed shirt, be among the first 100 to post a photo of yourself holding an “I love StealthMachines” (or something similar) sign. Thank you, and looking forward to seeing your submissions!

Just wanted to update y’all in case  you voted and emailed like I did…  They were doing a giveaway if you took a picture of yourself with an I love stealth machines sign and posting it on their wall.  Last update on that contest was that they were still accepting pictures, but that was 8 hours ago…. so I’m not sure where they are at on that promotion now either.  Again here is the Facebook page if you want to check it all out.




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