** Update** on Firefly mason jar freebie

I found out that there was glitch in their system and that they are not honoring the 6 mason jar freebie that I posted about.  Here’s what they put on their Facebook page ….

“Fly peeps, THANK YOU for the enthusiastic response to our Friends of the Fly program! Y’all are the best and we’re so excited. There is a problem in our online store where a set of six jars is being advertised for $0.00. This is inaccurate. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. We are working diligently to resolve this problem. Friends of the Fly is where the party is happening. Cheers to all of you on this Firefly Friday!”


So sorry about that, but they are giving away 1 free mason jar if you sign up to be a Friend of the Fly.  You can go to the link below and sign up.  This is a loyalty program and you can earn points for prizes through them too.



I just did this and already received this conformation email for my free mason jar.

We see you’ve been spreading the word for Firefly! In our books, that’s worth a Firefly Mason Jar. Congrats, and keep on spreading the spirit!




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