Photos #8 – Basketball

I’m back with a new photo post as promised, but I didn’t get to put them up yesterday like I thought.  I will just give you a small sampling of what I took (some of my favorites).  We didn’t win, but I had fun watching/taking pictures anyway.  My son is #22 on the white/blue team.

This first one is him hitting a technical shot.  The other team reached across the out-of-bounds line and touched the ball as it was being inbounded.

© Michelle

This one is of him taking the ball down the court.

© Michelle

Here’s a free throw shot.

© Michelle

Did it go in???   Yep!

© Michelle

Here he is going up for a shot.   (Watch out for the big man behind ya!)

© Michelle

Last one.. here he is getting ready to catch an inbound pass.

© Michelle

Some didn’t turn out as well as I hoped, but I’ll just keep trying because I love taking photos!




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