Photos #5

Ready for more photos!?  I’m getting a late start on the photo post today.  We had crazy storms here this morning and it knocked the power out for a while and threw my whole day behind.

Today’s are going to be some photos of some cute baby animals.  I am a sucker for little baby animals… so here is a post with a few of the pictures I’ve taken.  = )

First,  here’s a momma and her newborn…

© Michelle K.

Here is a little baby calf all curled up in the hay.

© Michelle K.

Here’s a cute little baby bull.  I just love his little white forehead!

© Michelle K.

Here are a couple of some cute baby deer.   They were in our horse pasture and actually let me get a lot closer than I thought I could.  They were soooo cute.

© Michelle K.

© Michelle K.

For one last one.  Here is my dog Bandit again, but when he was just a puppy! ❤

© Michelle K.






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