SwagBucks – Another great site I use daily!

I don’t know if any of you know about SwagBucks, but let me just tell you I love it!  It’s basically a site where you earn points for doing different things on the site.  You can then cash those points in for gift cards and prizes of all kinds from wallpaper for your computer to electronics and all kinds of gift cards, Amazon, CVS, PayPal… and on and on.

You can earn points by using their site to search the web.  As you search, at random times it will pop up and let you know that you won X amount of points and they are automatically added to your account as long as you are logged in.

Every day when I start SwagBucks I go to the EARN button at the top right of the home page.  In this you can find all the different ways to earn.  I take the daily poll which earns me 1 easy point a day, then go to the NOSO (no obligation, special offer) and usually just skip through the ads, put in the code they give you at the end and earn 2 easy points for that.  So there are 3 quick easy points every day.

Then I use it to search and earn points that way.  They also give you the opportunity to earn by watching SwagBucks TV.  Every 10 videos earns you 3 points.  I have learned that you don’t even have to watch the whole video, after so many seconds it moves up the percentage of how many videos you have watched to earn the points.  Honestly sometimes I just hit mute and let them play while I am working on other things just to get some extra points.  They have a large variety of topics as well.

Other ways to earn points are printing coupons (which are the same as coupons.com), special offers, trusted surveys, tasks and games.  For the coupons, you must redeem the coupon to be awarded points, but if you are already going to be using coupons anyway print them here and earn the points.  I earn 10 points per coupon redeemed.

Also, at the very bottom of the SwagBucks home page there is a drawing for a random hourly winner.  So if you see your name there be sure to claim your 1.000 swagbucks.  I’ve never seen my name yet, but you  never know. 

At times they will do special things to earn codes to get extra SwagBucks too.  Sometimes the codes are in the blog, on the Facebook page, etc.  You just never know.  There are so many ways to earn points it’s easy to rack them up.

Personally, I have earned a $50 CVS gift card (no problem with payment) and I saved it for the CVS’s big Thanksgiving day Sale and scored $125 of products with it and still came out with $47 ECB (extra care bucks).  It was an awesome sale and I got so many products for free and basically $47 more to use in store on whatever I want and I didn’t have 1 cent out of pocket!  I am well on my way to another large gift card already.

If this sounds like a site you would like to try just follow this link to sign up!  I would love it if you did!


Thanks for checking this out!



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