Todays free Kindle books

I first want to post a link to the page where you can download the free Kindle reader from amazon.  You can use it for your PC, iPhone, android and all kinds of other devices so check it out and download some free books!

First I want to share an Amazon page.  This has the top 100 paid books and the top 100 free books.  Says it’s updated hourly.

Ok… so now onto today’s list of books.  I found quite a few of these 52 brilliant ideas books… should be a quick easy read, I assume.

Get Fit! (52 Brilliant Little Ideas)

Instant Ab Workouts

Be Healthy (52 Brilliant Little Ideas)

 Get Rid of Cellulite (52 Brilliant Little Ideas)

Lose Weight Without Dieting

So today was kind of get fit/weight loss book day.   Remember to grab these quick if you like them because you never know when the price will change.

’till next time,



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