Opinion Outpost – Great Survery Company

So one thing I said I would talk about in my blog was survey sites where you can make a little extra cash.  Opinion outpost is one that I use quite frequently and put the most time into.  They send me surveys pretty regularly and it is easy to use.  I do want to tell you that you are not going to get rich taking surveys or be able to quit your job and stay home to take them, but they do give a little extra cash.   So… if you’re on the internet anyway spend a little time and make a little extra cash.

Opinion outpost will payout with Paypal with a minimum $10 (100 points), Amazon gift cards a minimum $5 (50 points), Citi Bank gift card minimum $15 (150 points), Alawar Online Games minimum $3 (30 points), Resturant.com minimum $10 (100 points) or donate to the American Red Cross minimum $5 (50 points).

As you can see 10 points = $1 and it is easy to get to any of the minimums to cash out.  I have already made $67.30 that I’ve cashed out and another $42.00 in my account.  They were very quick on the payments and I have not had any trouble getting paid.  You also get entries every time you take a survey into their prize drawing even if you don’t qualify to take the survey.

I definitely would recommend this site as I have had a very good experience with them and continue to do so.  Below is a link to the site!




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  1. Great article with some good advice in there.. I always check on http://www.easyhomeprofits.wordpress.com to find LEGITIMATE and high-paying surveys. Check it out sometime and good luck!

    January 15, 2012 at 11:01 am

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